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Garden and Lawn can take care of your outdoor projects for you. We are able to make your outdoor spaces more practical, useable or even just nicer to look at.

If you have a vision of how you would like something to look, let us help you create that vision.


Garden and Lawn will provide you with a proposal for work with photos and often with how your project may look. Costings and estimations will also be provided if you are happy to proceed with work.


If you have a job you would like us to complete for you, please contact Ed for a free no obligation quote.



Repair and Paint fence

Step and lawn edging

Macrocarpa garden edging



  • Repair and paint fence Repair and paint fence A worn timber fence is repaired then painted.
  • Step and lawn edging Step and lawn edging A step from garage was made and timber edging put down, top layer finised in a river pebble.
  • Macrocarpa garden beds Macrocarpa garden beds Where does the garden meet the lawn? Macrocarpa sleeper were installed to better define these areas.
















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