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This job originally was for a new fence. Upon inspection and assessment it was suggested it would be better off repairing the fence than to tear down and build a new one. All ground posts were sound, some of the pailings were rotted or had insect infestation, broken or had come loose. Moss was prevalent but overall the fence was good.


fence before fence gate before


The following outlines in brief the work carried out.


Part 1 - Clear Ivy and tree off fence

A gate and a small section of fence was engulfed with dense overgrowth; a combination of ivy and a tree vine. It was necessary to remove these to facillitate a good paint finish across the fence. A small casualty was a tree that the ivy had caught hold. This green waste was removed and taken to the landfill.

old fence old fence overgrowth


Part 2 - Prepare and Fix fence

The revelation of a gate also revealed more damage, rusted gate hinges and fence pailings.

The fence pailing required weren't readily available at bunnings, (what was required was a hard wood at about 8mm thick - thin enough to match and bend). Fence pailings mostly available today are treated pine 12mm-25mm thick. I ran through lengths of pailings through the table saw to get the required thickness of pailing. A small fibre-cement section of the fence was also replaced.

The gate hinges were replaced and fence pailings were replaced.

The fence was scraped back and wire brushed to remove where the ivy had grown. Loose fence pailing were also nailed back in place.


Part 3 - Clean

The entire fence was then waterblasted. This removed the moss and lichen that had taken hold on the fence tops and washed away years of built up dirt.

The fence was then sprayed with Resene moss and mould remover. This was left for a couple of days to ensure that any moss or mould would surely die and not affect the paint that was to be applied.

The fence was then wire brushed and rough sanded to key then wiped down.


Part 4 - Paint

Resene cool colour lumbersider was used and two coats were applied on separate days.












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