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Macrocarpa garden edging



mac garden beds garden beds


Job brief: Install an edge to separate garden area from lawn.



before before garden beds


The following outlines in brief the work carried out.


Measurements and Plan

Measurements were taken and requirements were given by client.

A proposal was drafted and sent through to client. A visual mock up of final project was included to show how it might all look.



proposed bed one proposed bed two proposed beds


The client reviewed the proposal then decided to increase the scope of the project to fully encapsulate the entire backyard by increasing the sleeper edge.



garden bed final


Part 1 - Materials

Shop for required materials and prepare necessary lengths of timber, approximately 26m length of macrocarpa sleepers was required.


Part 2 - Install sleepers

Sleepers that made contact with the soil had black polythene plastic attached. This was cut to shape and stainless steel staples stapled to the bottom and half way up the inside edge of the sleeper. The sleepers were then arranged then joined at the corners using 120mm coach screws. Wooden pegs were then hammered into the ground then galvanised nails was used to attach peg to sleeper.


Part 3 - Install step

An existing step (bunch of rocks) was taken out and a macrocarpa step replaced it using the same technique as above with wooden pegs.


Part 4 - Fill bed

The beds were weeded and a layer of thick newspaper or old carpet was put down then covered with compost. 4 cubic meters of compost was wheelbarrowed in and this filled up to about half way up the inside edge of the sleeper.







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