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Step and Lawn edging



step and lawn edge final step and lawn edge reverse


Job brief: Step required from garage to outside area and to put in a wooden edge, weedmat and stones - use client left over building materials.



no step no edge and stones


The following outlines briefly the work carried out.


Measurements and Plan

Area measurements were taken and client materials to use were also measured.

A proposal was drafted and sent through to client. A visual mockup of final project was included to show how it might all look.

Estimations and costings were also included.



step v1.0 step edge reverse v1.0


Let's try a smaller step. On next visit take away materials to prepare off site and resubmit proposal updating visuals, including step plan and updated costs.



step v1.1 step lawn edge v1.1step dimensions


Part 1 - Materials

Shop for required materials and prepare necessary lengths of timber. Step timber is cut to size and frame is nailed up ready to be installed. Pegs were also made from client left over treated railing timber.


Part 2 - Install step

Step frame is installed. 4 pegs are grounded and nailed to frame and sand is deposited into frame. Decking timber is nailed on top.


Part 3 - Lawn edge

Timber is prepared, 23mm x 160mm width are sawn in half to get 80mm edge heights. Pegs are grounded and edge is fixed onto the pegs with galvanised nails. A curved piece is required next to the outdoor tiled edge.


Part 4 - Surface prepare and Weedmat

Big stones are removed from the surface and baby agapanthus are dug out. Area is covered sufficently with weedspray.

A layer of old carpet is laid (It's surprising how soon weeds start growing through just a weedmat layer - this layer helps stop the weeds coming back too quickly), then a weedmat layer is laid and is pinned down with galvanised weedmat pins.


Part 5 - Stone layer

20mm river stone pebbles are deposited over the top.













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