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Garden and lawn offers a variety of "green" services to help maintain and keep your section tidy. We are able to help you with your gardening needs



Garden services

Our garden services are many, we can help with dead heading roses, topping up bark chips or stones, laying thick newpaper to suppress weed growth, laying weedmat, planting new plants or seedlings, cut backs, trimming neighbours overhanging trees etc.

If it's garden or back yard related give us a call, we will be more than happy to come and have a look.

weedmat stones over weedmat



Lawn mowing

Garden and Lawn offers lawn mowing services to keep your grassy areas looking tidy.

One-off or a regular mowing service is available.
Cut grass clippings can be taken away, unless you would prefer us leave on-site for composting, or left as a weed suppressant - grass clipping are great for nitrogen loving plants!

A regular mowing service will be your call. It is usually recommended that during winter when the grass growth should be slow, a visit every 4 weeks should be sufficient.

During the Summer or warmer months when grass growth is faster visits can be made every two weeks.

grassy banks




Garden and Lawn provides a weeding service.


weeds weeded



Hedge trimming

Garden and Lawn provides hedge trimming services and can cut back overgrown plants.

hedge trimming



Rubbish removal

Green waste removal and general rubbish can be disposed of.

trailer load of rubbish Green rubbish on trailer


Unwanted plant removal

Do you have a tree blocking valuable daylight? or is it providing too much shade? or is it just a general nuisance now? are it's roots are taking over? Trees and plants can either be removed or trimmed back.

punga punga gone



Weed and Moss control


Garden and Lawn can help eliminate your driveway, paths and any where else where weeds are not wanted.


Organic weedspray is an option Garden and Lawn offers. Robust weeds will require something a bit stronger and will be treated with a glyphosate spray.

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Care will be taken to by using a spray guard on windy days to prevent overspray.




Moss treatment on paths, driveways or fences can also be applied.


Caring for the environment

Garden and Lawn offers environmentally friendly alternatives for weed, pest and moss control.


Garden and Lawn can also provide organic alternatives for the most environmentally conscience customer.




Garden and Lawn chooses to use products by Yates

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